Venus Karma has humbly revolutionized the customization scene in Qatar through its Instagram platform that has given access to thousands of people - locally based and from outside the country - the chance to create a high-quality piece that is unique to each customer.

Starting in 2016, the founder Valeria Mazzei, at only 16 years old began her journey as a teen entrepreneur following the motto “from the youth to the youth”. Since then, the brand has evolved into a multi-faced online store that offers a wide range of products from ready-to-wear and corporate uniforms to home and beauty items.

Valeria, now just turned 20 years old, strives to continue being an example to follow for the youth to get into the business mindset at a young age and change the cards on the table.

“Being an entrepreneur is a synonym of “independence” for me. It is an emotional process, when you win or fail you are the only one responsible and every little step is needed towards the enrichment of your soul as an empowered individual.” - Valeria Mazzei


Ready to wear | Customized products | Uniforms 


We offer a wide range of products, but we are famous for our high-quality cotton hoodies and t-shirts.

You can customize t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies with any design you like through our customization system on the website or you can contact us directly by email or DM for a more complex design. Check inspiration for some ideas!

Venus Karma creates high-quality uniforms for corporates, providing also polo shirts, aprons and anything that the customer desires.


Vegan products

Venus Karma has a completely new section of products for you and to decorate your home.

Everyone’s favorites are our vintage vegan candles made in Italy. The unique teacups are found around Italy’s vintage fairs from our collaborator who fills them with vegan soy wax and loads of love. The scents available are Lavender, Honey, Teatime Orange and Floral.

As well, we offer naturally handmade vegan soaps for your face and body. Besides their wonderful aesthetic, each scent has unique properties that benefit your skin. You can choose between Lavender, Citrus, Roses, Patchouli, Chocolate and Tea Tree.

Not to mention our new exclusive Breathable Nail Polish made in Italy. It is HALAL certified, vegan and cruelty free! Choose between our numerous shades to match your mood.